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It’s reassuring to know that our composite doors are arguably the most secure in the market, featuring insurance and Police approved locking systems.

Avantis Lock

The Avantis Lock is exclusive to The Composite Door Gallery and was recently subject to the very highest testing procedures at a UKAS accredited Test Centre. According to the testing house at Mila it was ‘the strongest composite door yet tested’ thanks to the hardware and the fact that the The Composite Door Gallery slab is a solid timber core, rather than a foam filled GRP door that other manufacturers use. This new lock provides the largest and strongest hook and bolt system in the door sector. Like many features from The Composite Door Gallery, this new locking mechanism carries the market’s first 25mm triangulated dead bolt, which makes for greater compression and security on a closed door. Another key feature is the deadlock, which also operates from the action of lifting the handle, rather than a key turn.

Avantis Lock Avantis Lock Avantis Lock

The Avantis lock easily passed PAS 24 for security, which requires that the lock can sustain a manual attack for three minutes. In fact after two men had attacked the door for five minutes, they gave up to test the The Composite Door Gallery hinge, which also comfortably exceeded the required specification. Look at our video to see for your self just how secure our doors are. The Composite Door Gallery can boast that not only are their doors some of the most secure in the market, they are also some of the most innovative!

Yale Keyfree

Yale Keyfree Yale Keyfree Yale Keyfree

Yale Keyfree couldn't be easier to use and because it's brought to you by Yale, you know its technology you can trust. Keyfree also harnesses a 3 hook Masterlock for exceptional security. With Yale Keyfree everything's covered. The unit is powered by it's own batteries, so even if the power fails it still works. It’s also backed up an override key for emergencies and unless you ask it not to, will even talk to you as you use it. Go on go Keyfree with your The Composite Door Gallery composite door, you’ll be the envy of your neighbours!

Key Wind Up

Our Key Wind Up locking systems are used on doors where there is no locking handle, but traditional pull door furniture. Typical Edwardian and Georgian period doors had large pull handles and knobs and also our luxurious Italia Collection features the Key Wind Up locks, to enable the introduction of some very striking contemporary door handles. We also incorporate Key Wind Up locking when our traditional hand made antique door furniture is specified. Behind the Key Wind Up lock is an STV Cobra 2 mechanism, which is tested in accordance with DIN18103 (burglar resistant doors) and approved by major UK insurance companies. The deadbolt and hooks are thrown by turning the key and it also features a secure locking mechanism using sintered metal gears, which ensures a long service life. The STV Cobra 2 has been tested in accordance with PAS23 & PAS24 standards and the deadbolt can withstand in excess of 4.5kN end load, to comply with the additional Police 'Secured by Design' initiative. Reliability is provided by the fact that it has been endurance tested to 100,000 cycles and 30,000 cycles under load.

Keyless Digital Lock

Do you sometimes wish you could leave your house without having to take keys with you?

With the new Yale Keyless Digital lock you can do just that! The touch screen pad gives you an easy and convenient way of opening your door.

There’s NO Keys, NO Hassle, NO fuss all you have to do is remember your own unique pin number. You can even create a temporary code to give other people access to your home when you want to, this code can then easily be deleted without having to worry about collecting keys or changing locks.

Keyless Digital Lock Keyless Digital Lock Keyless Digital Lock

The Yale Keyless Digital lock is secured by a mechanical nightlatch located on the inside of the door with a battery pack containing 4xAA batteries.

Unlock your door up to 10,000 times with one set of 4xAA batteries if the batteries reach a critical level a warning light will illuminate reminding you to change the batteries.

In the event of your battery going flat you have two battery contact points enabling you to fit a 9V battery to power the lock temporarily to enter your pin and gain access.

For additional convenience, the lock has a memory feature so that you do not need to reprogram your PIN numbers when changing batteries.

Heritage AV2

As you would expect from a pioneer in the composite door market, we’ve pulled off yet another first in the door market with the introduction of the AV2 Heritage Door Lock. This new lock satisfies the need for traditional looking rim latches on composite doors, yet with the benefit of high security, multipoint locking. The AV2 is seen as an upgrade from the standard Key Wind Up and traditional rim lock used on our doors. Up until now, modern multi-point locking systems haven’t lent themselves to doors that feature pull door furniture, particularly Georgian and Edwardian period doors and it has been a topic of discussion for the composite door sector.

Heritage AV2

The AV2 Heritage Locking System has the euro profile locking cylinder at a similar height to a traditional round cylinder and the lock is operated automatically as soon as the door is closed. This key feature means that an external lever handle is not required to operate the locking points and the lock can be deadlocked or opened externally by turning the key a quarter of a turn. From the inside the door can be opened by an internal thumb turn, again with a quarter turn. The door is automatically locked when closed from the inside or outside and the key is then required to gain entry from the outside. The AV2 has been engineered and manufactured in Germany as a quality product and is Police Secured by Design and PAS23/24 accredited.

Security Upgrades

There are a number of additional security upgrades available throughout the standard The Composite Door Gallery range to offer truly unsurpassed levels of security. These include the Pro Secure handles from Mila, the Avantis Cylinder Guard and the Yale Cylinder. The ProSecure door handle features security protection burglars can see and patented reinforcement technology that they can't. The ProSecure door handle is manufactured from a strong zinc alloy and has a wealth of features to provide enhanced security and visible protection.

Security Upgrades Security Upgrades Security Upgrades

It’s also Secured by Design approved and the Police Preferred Specification logo is engraved onto the handle to act as a visual deterrent. In addition we can also offer the Avantis security cylinder guard and combined with our Yale cylinder, this will offer the very pinnacle in security upgrades. The Yale high security cylinder boasts a wealth of features including anti bump and anti snap technologies and is drill, pick, force, tamper, torque, and saw resistant. It’s also corrosion and fire resistant and is backed with a lifetime warranty. The Yale cylinder has been tested to the highest grade of BS EN 1303 for security achieving the maximum resistance to physical attack. This is a great and worthy upgrade.

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